The Halfling Project is most associated with the recognition and understanding of autism /SEN with boys of school age and young adults. 

However the project appreciates other hurdles faced by young people today, and works with many outside the special needs remit. 

The major feature of the project is self awareness by the individual and those around them. This includes schools and home life.

The project is for boys within the special needs agenda but girls can be involved in the drama and confidence building aspects of the work.

The work centres widely on the use of drama and photography multi media presentation.

The project is also active in fighting for maintaining and investing in state school drama, as well as that in the private education sector.

Because life is a performance


The use of drama be it video stills or audio builds up personal self confidence and understanding. The aim is for it to be enjoyable and can be solo or group activity. Example video links below.

Many older boys 15+ have struggled through school without special needs support, or even reconigtion of autism - this is a key field of work within the project recognizing intervention and building self awareness for them and those around them.


act4ward reflects my varied work over the years with new and professional actors. As a seperate work it prepares young male actors for advancement to a career if that is the desire, in film ,tv, audio and theatre.


For 2019/20 The halfling project and act4ward move closer together with the joint venture Invisable Me.

The alliance between the two works has always been a fine balance - with some confusion in how autism features within it.

Not everyone working on the project or act4ward are on the autistic spectrum, and those featured here for illustration are normally actors within the work, and again may not be autistic.

It is true however that autism and the creative often go together.

Invisable me will explore this and other features and charactoristics of youth today. 


Bringing it together


For every generation there is a young generation

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Please do not abuse the phone or e.mail address - this is a support project - masses of junk mail and phone calls have forced a change - which in turn could result in the loss of support to someone when it is needed.