Welcome to "halfling" or to give it it's full title "halfpenny halfling"

It's May 2014 and the site is beginning to build, but it is a work in progress not due for any kind of official launch till the winds blow cold and winter returns to Middle England.

As a work in progress some links will not work or link to anything other than a blank page!!

It is online as it helps to receive feedback as we move on, thus hopefully leading to an improved site...



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hobbit no longer updated


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his masters vision

william david co.uk

william david photography

Halfpenny halfling project - a creative work from william davidHalfpenny halfling project - a creative work from william david

photographer's hate being infront of the camera - but @ least it proves they best stay behind it!!



Halfpenny Halfling

new talent spotlight 

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halfling spotlight press for entryhalfling spotlight press for entry


" long ago in a place far from here, where the skies were stormy and the seas defiant, where the winds blew cold the anger of winter there came the young halfling - he be neither man nor boy, so half of both - an awkward rustic teenager, a hobbledehoy".

Talented 12 year actor Jamie Welsh -as "Gollum" below. Halfling encourages new talent & the photo shoots are designed to build up both confidence & range with a broad understanding of the industry  demands if applicable.

Gollum played by Jamie WelshGollum played by Jamie Welsh

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