Do I Belong Here?


 It is understandable that new visitors here become confused by so much attention being given to autism and special needs that they as "normal" [neurotypical] beings feel out of place, and wonder do they belong.

The project majors on boys 13 up - but this is just a guideline - for example many working on drama and photoshoots could be younger.

Because The Halfling project and act4ward are set to blend together the age range can be as young as 6 and as old as 25.

One of the key aims within the project is to build up personal self confidence and understanding.

Should the aim be to perform as a career then act4ward is set for that - if  it's issues related to school or social understanding then The Halfling project is set for that.

Everybody is an individual - so how we tackle our time together will be different for everyone - all be it within a set structure.

To find if you belong it's best to discuss and explore the options and see.






Personal self discovery may sound daunting - but it does not have to be.

It's really just learning what makes us tick - who we actually are and how we fit into the world.

If you find you are on the autistic spectrum it actually can be a relief.

Suddenly everything begins to make sense, that is why your here and you often find many of your talents and what people like about you come from your autistic brain.

Yes there can be downsides, we know that and that's why support at this point is so important.

We all have personal persona's - think how different you act in different environments.

Actors ofcourse build character and persona to order as well as in their personal and professional lives.