Drama 4 confidence.




Drama 4 confidence is simply introducing drama improvisation into a photo shoot - although it can be without the photo/video shoot if desired.

It's for boys who have never taken part in drama or only at the most basic level.

For many it's the start of more drama as the bug bites.

Drama is often used to express themselves where simple conversation may not.

Sometimes it's just wondering what it is like to not be themselves for a while - without say a whole school drama class watching them.

Whatever the reason for the drama - it's set out carefully to be enjoyable from the start with full parental involvement if desired.




Introducing Drama


Depending on the age and the intent drama is a major part of the work at the station.

it is very informal and designed to be fun.

It is these sessions which have often introduced acting to those taking part - as no acting experience is required.

More experienced actors build up their range and confidence to try new roles and ideas/concepts.

Here 13 year old James - already a drama student works on a improvised scene with "Monkey"