Website Updating News.


With so many changes currently happening website updating has begun.

The changes this year reflect major changes in the admin and the project as a whole.

It has returned to close ties with act4ward bridged by the new work Invisable Me [which has it's own website in development]

I normally renew the website each January or at the very least review it - but this year is somewhat different - unlike the normal change the text maybe a picture but not the design - this years everything changes.

This in part is due to new web software which simply is not compatable with the old, and also because some of the information would be outdated if left.

Like before The Halfling project is not updated often and given much of it's work is confidential has limited resources for public view.

act4ward open series and invisable me will however reflect a more regulary updated presense as the year moves forward.

Updating on The halfling project began January 2019 .

More updates information will follow as it happens.


February Update:-


So it's February already and little has changed on the websites last month.

This does not mean things are not happening - just that I have less computer time than I really need to update.

February reflects the start of the new year for the project and so more changes are kicking in.

This will be covered [hopefully] in editorial shortly.

I am told that the Ridgmont phone number is now working and diverting for the first time in a year!!

If you cannot get hold of me by phone - e.mail is checked on and replied to on a regular daily basis.

Phone contact is now limited for general enquiries - where possible please use e.mail or social media.

I am now taking applications to work on act4ward and invisable me or to  join The Halfling Project - e.mail me for details.

Sorry the update news is not more exciting - will try to add more during the month.






The latest UPDATE NEWS has it's own menu tab NEWS 2020.