you wouldn't let an untrained 16 year old plummer near your main water pipes in case of a flood
but we do let untrained actors "act" & that in a nutshell is what makes it interesting, the only flood we risk there is that of talent or tears!


Want to try in front of the camera?:-

you don't have to be an experienced actor or performer to take part in the halfling project.

If you are - fantastic, but really the opportunity is open to all willing to put the effort in.

It's not about "model" looks - it's about being young today  - so that means all styles & looks are welcome.

Don't worry about being out your depth - you will receive good grounding to build up your confidence and get  things right!

You can be you, or a persona - you can build up characters or remain as you are. [ok the shoot will change you a bit]!

If you have talent to show of in sports, acting, dance, music, magic, or just being you then let's build on it.

Get in touch and we can discuss it!!









project photography & castings.

To illustrate "halfling" you need halflings, well actually you need people of all sizes.

here are some of those who have worked on the early shoot trials.

The intention was to find those starting out in performance, acting, music or modeling and build up their confidence and images in front of the camera both for their own advancement, and that of the project. The quality and talent has been amazing - especially when you consider many of these shoots were in winter - outside!


Press the image below to go to the individual actor/performer/model             talent page  
















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