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halfling spotlight 

There has never been so many outlets for new and aspiring or should it be inspiring new and young talent as there is today.

A young actor, performer, sportsman has more chances than ever before to "shine"

Theatre is the Uk is strong, as is broadcast and online media . Celebrity is born out of reality tv  & online.

But then there are those going through the traditional process of building on their talent, just by sheer hard work.

I have always enjoyed working with new and young talent.

It's always exciting to find someone come out of their shell and acheive thier dreams.

That said it's very hard work to make it in a very competitive business, and it is a business .

At whatever level they aspire to halfling spotlight is there to build upon their talents with the use of photography and confidence building through the visual medium.

It doesn't sell a dream but the reality - it's hard work to succeed - but it can also be enormous fun and what a way to live your life!

Welcome to halfling spotlight





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